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About Us| United States | Guero Pallets

 Welcome to Guero Pallets. Leading Company you can trust!


Guero’s Pallets is a family company in the Chicagoland area with over 30 years of combined experience.


Guero’s Pallets began its roots with Agustin Razo’s (President at Guero’s Pallets) dream of providing a better future for his family. With a hammer in his hand and an undeniable will, Agustin worked long hours until he had established his own pallet company. With the births of his five children, and the support of his wife, Agustin’s dream transformed from a solo venture to a team endeavor.  Each team member brings his or her own expertise and all are at your service to provide you with optimal business solutions.


On top of tried and tested expertise, at Guero’s Pallets we put in the extra effort to propel us one step ahead of the others.  We are dedicated and committed to growing with our customers. We have clients ranging from large corporations to community members bringing pallets to earn supplemental income; we value each customer equally and provide the same quality care to each big or small.

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