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Professional Pallet Services in Chicago, IL 

Looking for professional pallet services in Chicago, IL? Guero Pallets is a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing standard and custom, new, reconditioned wooden shipping pallets. We buy and recycle your old pallets and sell new and used pallets in the Chicagoland area. Our professional pallet services in Chicago, IL, also include pallet treatment options and storage solutions. We can deliver out of state to other locations in the United States on special request. Guero Pallets provides industry-leading professional pallet services in Chicago, IL.


Recycling Program


Trailer Program

Why toss your old pallets when we will pay you and take them off your hands? With our recycling program, you can drop off your scrap, cardboard, and plastic pallets for cash at our Chicago location. When you recycle your pallets with Guero Pallets, you can rest assured that we recycle and reuse 100% of the pallets we receive. Call us today to pick up your scrap pallets. 

Don't have space for pallets to pile up in your warehouse? Don't stress, we have the solutions for you! At Guero Pallets, we offer a trailer service program where we drop off a trailer at your warehouse or job site to be used for pallet storage. Load up the trailer full of pallets, and when it’s full, we will swap with an empty trailer.


Pallet Treatment

Guero Pallets, we can treat the pallets to match your needs. We offer heat treatment, which will ensure the safety and cleanliness of your pallets. We can apply any color code to your pallets, which helps simplify what the pallet is used for on your end. And lastly, we can also band your pallets for you if that fits a need for your company. 

Contemporary Boardroom


Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will have one of our highly trained pallet experts explore your warehouse to help you find the right pallet solution for your business needs. All consultation sessions with Guero Pallets are easy, fast, convenient, and free!

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