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2021 Halloween Ideas!

Guero's Pallets family loves the holidays. Amongst their favorite is halloween. Today we will love to share some ideas for halloween costumes. Remember, at the end of the day what matters is that you had fun with your loved ones!

Ideas for Toddler and Baby Costumes

A cute kangaroo to hop around all day, an orange pumpkin full of cuteness, or mini King Kong, do not forget the battle axe.

Farm Animal Ideas

A little goofy, but the kids love farm animals such as chickens and cows. These are easy costumes. What is best is this can be an easy family halloween costume theme. For the mama chicken, yellow leggings, a furry white coat, and a chicken head piece did the magic. For dad, some overall pants, an old long sleeved shirt and some rain boots. Voila!

Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas

Clowns, skeletons, and scary witches will do the trick. Black and white paint always helps to add that scary element. If you do not have time to go thru all the work of face paining, get a mask and be ready to celebrate.

We hope we inspired you and gave you some ideas for halloween costumes. Halloween is just around the corner, remember to have fun and stay safe. Wear your mask and keep social distance. If you are interested in getting a spooky picture with pallets feel free to send us a text message at (312) 523-5561. Pallets and a scary custom make for an amazing facebook and Instagram photo, just look at our 2020 halloween pallet picture below!

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