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Cutting Pallet Costs

Pallets are a necessity for many businesses and can be a major expense.

Here are some strategies for businesses to reduce their pallet costs:

  • Buy in bulk: Larger orders from suppliers are frequently eligible for discounts.

  • Implement a pallet management program: Businesses can track the movement of pallets, cut waste, and optimize inventory levels with the use of a pallet management tool, which can eventually lower expenses.

  • Negotiate with suppliers: Companies that have a good working relationship with their suppliers and a steady ordering pattern can negotiate for reduced costs.

  • Consider alternative materials: Consider a combo pallet, which is a pallet that uses recycled and new wood.

  • Repurpose damaged pallets: Instead of discarding damaged pallets, businesses can sell their damaged pallets back to the manufacturer via recycling programs.

  • Partner with pallet manufacturers: Consider forming a partnership with the direct pallet manufacturers, this will cut additional fees.

Guero Pallets can help you with all of the aforementioned strategies and more. We offer recycling solutions and will come to you to pick up used pallets.

Don’t have room on site for your pallets? No worries.

In our trailer service program, a trailer is delivered to your warehouse or job site and used to store pallets. As soon as the trailer is loaded with pallets, we will switch it out for an empty one or even better, with your pallet order.

In conclusion, businesses can save money on pallets by purchasing in bulk, using recycled or used pallets, creating a pallet management program, negotiating with Guero Pallets during a free consultation session, taking into account alternative materials, reusing damaged pallets, and working with pallet manufacturers.

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