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Updated: Jan 11

We Stack Up at Guero's Pallets, Inc.

October Pallet-53x40 2-way combo

Guero Pallets is determined to meet the specific pallet needs of each customer's products. Standard size pallets are not always a viable option for customers with wide varieties of products. In order to meet that requirement, Guero Pallets offers a custom size pallet that fits the best for their products. 53x40 pallets are one of Guero Pallets custom size specialties. They are combo pallets with new stringers and used boards and have two way forklift access. These types of pallets are widely used to transport the metal products and furniture. However, it’s usage is not limited just to these heavy materials. They are also an affordable alternative to wood crates for items that don’t require more extensive packaging. So, if your company produces a product that requires a unique size of 53x40, Guero Pallets is here for you to help. Call us today on 312-523-5561 for a free quote or you can also for more information.

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