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Fun August Ideas

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Pallets can be used for more than just moving. Sure the base idea for them is in a warehouse. However, when you don't need them anymore, and if you don't want to get rid of them, why not give them some new life.

Below we put a list of a few fun pallet ideas. This list of ideas can be done as a solo project or a group project.

#1 Basic Benches

A staple of beginner's DIY! A classic shape used for all sorts of things. Great for indoor & outdoor usage.

#2 Sturdy Shelves

A nice start, easy, simple, and plenty of ways to customize them. Along w/ plenty of variables.

#3 Kids Furniture Set

Furniture can be fun to do as a family, easily moveable, storable, and great for indoor and outdoor use. Build it together and let your kids decorate it for a great bonding experience.

#4 Pallet Coolers

Just because July is over doesn't mean the heat is gone. A cooler will do the trick for this summer!

#5 Playhouse Special

A perfect thing to do as a family! Now it will take some time to get done, but the outcome will be worth it. A playhouse is great for summer and fall mostly. The playhouse should be done properly and safely, no matter how intricate it may seem.

5 great tasks for a fun family activity! Since Guero's Pallets is a family-run & owned company, we have all the materials for a low cost, here on site! We also love making DIY, with posts that come with instructions. So look out for our upcoming project posted here, on all our social media sites, and maybe even a youtube tutorial.

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