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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Five of the best pallet gifts for Mom.

Mothers are the best! They do everything for us from taking care of our daily basic needs to providing us a constant shoulder to cry on. Who else would worry about us long after we’ve grown up?  With mother’s day right around the corner we thought we would celebrate by bringing five of our favorite gift ideas for mom made up of Pallets.

1. Pallet Garden. Making our pallet garden is a very quick and easy way to create an organic garden. These don’t cost too much money or take up space. Mom can spend her free time in the backyard growing organic vegetables. You can also write the name of the plant on the pallet slats and the slats will help discourage unwanted grass.

2. Pallet Frame. Pallet picture frames are also something unique that you can gift to your mother. This is a very imaginative and vintage gift. Get this fantastic pallet picture frame for your mother where she will be able to keep her memories safe today and forever.

3. Pallet Wall Organizer Gift your mother some pallet crates and boards to organize interior items and accessories. All you need to do is add some hooks to a pallet board and set them up as wall hooks.

4. Wine Rack This wine rack, made up of pallets, is a great space saver for mom. This rack not only holds the wine bottles, but the goblets as well. It can serve double duty. This is definitely something your mother will love hanging on her kitchen wall.

5. Coffee Mug Holder Maybe your mother isn’t looking for a rack to hold glasses. Maybe instead, she drinks lot of coffee and wants to display all her cups. This pallet holder can help her showcase her favorite mugs and they will be easy to grab when needed.

Most of the used pallets are destined to landfills. Join us on our journey to save pallet wood waste through recycling. You can build all these cost-effective pallet gifts for Mother’s day and also help save the trees. Nothing is wasted! Call us today at 312-523-5561 to schedule a day to select and buy pallets for all your Mother’s Day gifts.


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