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Tallest Pallet Christmas Tree!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

At Guero's Pallet we love the holiday season. We like to bring joy to our employees and customers. We have built a 10 foot Christmas tree full of fun ornaments, bows, lights, and joy!

We are inviting the public to come and take a picture. If you are interested please, reserve your day by calling or texting (312) 523-5561. We only ask that you donate to Guero's Pallets Scholarship, whatever your heart desires. The holiday season is a time of giving and coming together with family and friends, even if it is remotely. Our Christmas tree is outdoors and we will only schedule one family at a time for pictures. We cannot wait to meet you and share a little about our love for pallets!

So how was this amazing Christmas tree built, below we break down the pallet sizes and quantities and a count of our lights, ornaments, garland and time it took.

Pallets used for Pallet Christmas Tree:

2 52x52 pallet

10 48x48 pallets

10 45x45 pallets

10 42x42 pallets

10 40x40 pallets

10 36x36 pallets

10 32x32 pallet

1 15x15 pallet

1 10x10 pallet

A total of 64 wod recycled pallets were used. Over 400 lights of multi color were used, along with 457.5 ft inches of garland, and over 100 colorful ornaments and about 6 hours were dedicated in making this beautiful christmas tree. To reserve a day to take a picture with our pallet Christimas tree send a text or call 312-523-5561. Don’t miss out in this unique experience!

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