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Why we love pallets!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

1.  They are eco friendly

Pallets are a sustainable solution for packaging and warehouse logistics. Pallets get reused multiple times, when they finally hit the end of their life cycle these get recycled into other products such as mulch and pet bedding. According to a 2018 Virginia Tech research, wooden pallets are recycled at a 95% rate. Moreover, according to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, the recycling of wooden pallets removes equivalent of 2.9 million cars from our Nation’s roadway each year. At Guero’s Pallets we keep sustainability as priority, we recycle 99% of all wood products and reuse 100% of the wooden pallets that come into our facility.

2.  Pallets give jobs

Thanks to pallets people have jobs. Pallets go through a process in order to be able to be used, reused and recycled. For instance, 48x40 #1 and 48x40 #2 are usually repaired. When pallets are not able to be repaired, these are dismantled with machinery such as a Pallet Hawg. Pallet builders make pallets from new and/or recycled material. Forklift drivers load and unload the empty pallets to be shipped to customers such as warehouses and packaging companies. The need for pallet labor doesn’t end there, these must be unloaded from the customer, opening the doors for more jobs. According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association 67,000 Americans are employed in jobs directly related to wooden pallets and container manufacturing.

3.  Pallets bring our family together

Guero’s Pallets is a family company, everyone in the family plays a key role in the daily operations. Thanks to pallets we have been united with a common vision to join forces to grow Guero’s Pallets, open more job opportunities and be the source for pallet solutions for business and individuals in the US.  Agustin Razo, owner of Guero’s Pallets oversees the operations in the warehouse. Mr. Razo’s wife helps in maintaining organization inside the warehouse and helps manage the employees. Their daughter Martha Razo, helps manage customer accounts and help build strong relationships with customers. She is also responsible for strategic and financial planning. Rafael Razo, manages quality control and implements strategy to improve production and efficiency inside the warehouse. Juan Razo, their other son trains employees. Ruby Razo, helps with human resources and in marketing.

4.  Pallets make things happen

Thanks to pallets, we are able to move heavy products from one point to another. Pallets facilitate moving products in bulk quantities. Pallets literally move the world, thanks to   pallets we are able to get items moved all over the world such as the delicious soft drinks like Coca-Cola, the parts for our sweet electronic gadgets and the wonderful books that give us knowledge. Pallets even allow us to reach the stars as astronauts rely on pallets to move items.

5.  Pallets are diverse!

Pallets are so great they come in all shapes and sizes. If you can imagine it we can build it for you! Pallets can be 4-way or 2-way, they can be made from different wood species from soft wood to hard woods, the iteration of boards can vary, the number of stringers can vary from 2-5 stringers.  Some of the pallets we build at Guero’s Platelets are the following: 48x40 6” lead, 48x40 #2, 48x40 #1, 48x48, 44x44, 36x36, 48x36 4-way, 20x40, 24x40, 15x15, etc. We can build anything in used, combo or new material. We will love to share our knowledge and love for pallets. We invite you to request a pallet tour if you would like to learn more about the different types of pallets. If you would like to learn more about our products and how we can bring the right pallet solutions to you please email us at or call us at 312-523-5561.

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