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Need Final Halloween Decor?

Seems like the stores are out of all the Halloween decor. If there is anything available it is either not good enough or too expensive. Guess what? We have the solution for your Halloween plans. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor decor, we have spooky and unique ideas just for you. Yes, pallets! Pallets not only move the world, but they save our world in multiple ways, one of them is Halloween. Below we list 4 ways Guero's Pallets has used pallets to bring the spooky alive this October.

Did you know that pallets are inexpensive? We will explain below what grade pallet was used and a price that will surprise you. Unlike many pallet companies, we invite you to buy pallets from us, whether it is one pallet or a truck load of them. We are a call away from scheduling your pallet pick up.  We can't wait to complete your Halloween plans.

(1) Spider web desk of shadows

This pallet desk was built without nails or tools. Only 12 42x37 4-way pallets were used. These pallets have a new look appearance and are made of a mix of hardwood and softwood. These start at only $4.00 picked up.

(2) Skeleton headless pallet

This is a 48x40 #2 pallet. A 48x40 #2 used quality makes it appear spooky. The addition of vampire fake blood, black spray paint, chains, skeleton and headless witch gives it the spooky look to scare your audience. Price for the pallet starts at $5.50 picked up.

(3) Anaconda terror

This is a 48x48 used pallet. The skeleton snake, black spray paint, vampire blood, and the scary arms on the ground give it the terror look. This also works well for inside decor. A 48x48 pallet starts at $8.00 picked up.

(4) Bench of Darkness

Three euro pallets were used for our final look, this was used inside but works well on the outside. Two skeleton balloons were used, some spider web, purple lights, black flower and of course a skeleton fence to add the final touch. Euro pallets picked up start at only $6.00.

We hope you enjoyed our pallet ideas for your Halloween decorations. When you are done with the pallets you can reuse them for your next Holiday decor or you can save them for next year. Even better, when you are done using them you can recycle them back with us. Please call us at (312) 523-5561 to schedule your pallet pick up with Guero's Pallets, Inc.

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