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Environmentally friendly Pallets

Pallets are everywhere. You may not see them personally in your lives but you do see the products that they carry everyday. Pallets are most commonly used in warehouses to transport products. They are an important product that helped the industrial revolution. Let’s begin with the basics of a pallet. The majority of pallets are made out of wood. There are some that are made from other materials like plastic or metal. There are pros and cons to every type of material but wood pallets are usually the go to pallet for companies. Pallets save workers time and energy. Instead of having to carry a couple of items to transport them from one place to another workers can load products onto pallets and then use a forklift to transport the items. This method is fast and requires fewer workers.

It is important for everyone to be environmentally conscious of their waste and product usage, including the pallet industry. There are many companies that now reuse and refurbish pallets instead of throwing them out. Landfills have seen a major decrease in pallets. There was a decrease from 178.5 million to 25.39 million pallets from the years 1998 to 2016. There has also been an increase in people doing creative DIY projects and other home projects with pallets. Common projects often include chairs, tables, and benches. Some of these projects can be seen on Guero’s Pallets social media outlets.

Guero’s Pallets is a small family pallet company that is dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible with their products. Guero’s Pallets both recycles and reuses pallets. The company does create new pallets but they largely focus on being able to reuse old pallets. One of the common ways in which this is done is by refurbishing pallets that come to the company. Guero’s Pallets is constantly purchasing scrap materials and used pallets. Last year alone 502,580 pieces of scrap and 329,366 4-way pallets were reused and refurbished. When a pallet is refurbished it just means that some wood pieces, like thin or broken boards, have been taken out and replaced. Furthermore, sometimes wood is added to the stringers of a used pallet to help support it and therefore be able to reuse the pallet. Moreover, besides reusing old pallets another environmental effort done by Guero’s Pallets is to recycle old wood pallets and pallet pieces by turning them into mulch. Mulch has many uses in outdoor landscaping. Last year Guerro’s Pallets recycled 104 full truckloads of pallets to make mulch.

Guero’s staff is dedicated to changing and improving the pallet industry. Being environmentally friendly is one of the key steps in which they hope to achieve this goal. For more information about these efforts follow Guero’s Pallets social media outlets and this blog to get more updates and information about Guero’s Pallets.

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