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Meet Our Lead Analyst, Sagar

Hi, I’m Sagar, the lead analyst at Guero's Pallets. I handle data business analytics and customer service.

Besides my role here at Guero's Pallets, I’m also a part-time student, studying to get my master’s degree in Computer science & Data Analytics.

While a lot of my time is spent sitting at a desk on a computer, I also get the chance to exercise by walking around the warehouse to handle dispatch duties. I also happen to love sports and innovation, making this job a great fit for me.

3 things about you

3 of your strengths

I’m a very easy going person, good at adapting to things requested of me, and I like to believe I’m rather funny.

3 of your favorite hobbies

I don’t know if I even have 3 hobbies. Aside from work & schooling, I spend most of my time on sports, especially soccer which I happen to play, with a small community team that occasionally competes in small tournaments.

3 of your favorite things to eat

Momo, Rice & Curry, and Steak Tacos

What is a challenge you face right now in the pallet industry

Aside from data analyst, I also deal with customers and their orders. Due to the current shortage in the industry, when customers don't keep up with their inventory and ordering schedule it puts strain on us suppliers. They may ask for same or next day shipping and we have to say "that isn't possible at the moment" because of the shortage. We were so used to providing service the same day. After the pandemic everything changed.

What do you like about working at guero pallets?

It’s a friendly environment, supportive like family, and there’s great communication amongst me & my coworkers!

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