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Guero's Pallets Employee Spotlight

Guero’s Pallets likes to give recognition to its employees and tell the stories of the individuals that make us the right pallet solution for your company. This week we would like to give the spotlight to Sagar Thapa. 

(1) Where are you from?

 I am from Nepal, between India and China. Its smaller than Illinois but its a country. 

(2) What role do you play at Guero's Pallets?

I do administrative work, such as receiving orders, receiving phone calls, assigning deliveries to drivers, constant communication with warehouse management, and bookkeeping. I also do sales analysis/ inventory tracking and work in strategy to optimize profit for the company.

(3) What do you like the most about working at Guero’s Pallets?

I like the flexibility, I am able to choose the project I am interesting in working on. I was working on developing forecasting sales and profit models using R-Studio my first year. I am currently learning how to analyze big data using business analytics tool, Tableau. I am also involved in inventory tracking, which has allowed me to learn about all the types of pallets and the different applications for each pallet.

(4) What has been one of your biggest challenge working at Guero’s Pallets?

Communication was a problem, at the beginning there were a lot of details I had to learn. Missing one detail can result in a big issue and unnecessary stress so it can become difficult to focus. However, I am now able to manage several tasks and be on top of all the details. I continue to learn and get better in communication. I also keep improving my management skills. 

 (5) What advice do you have for our customers?

Everyone should do their own due diligence before deciding their pallet needs. Many companies end up spending more money for pallets than what is required to get the job done. It usually happens when a customer doesn’t know what kind of pallets are the best for their products. Guero’s Pallets is great at helping their customers get the best pallet solution at a great price. Since Guero’s Pallets is a manufacturer of  pallets, and delivers the pallets, we guarantee competitive pricing. Guero’s Pallets takes the extra mile to make sure customers are happy with their pallets. 

(6) What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a big sport enthusiast. I watch all kind of sports: soccer, basketball,and football. I listen to sports talk shows or podcasts more than I listen to music.

 (7) What's your favorite pallet?

I like combo pallets. Combo pallets are made with used and new materials. I particularly like the pallets that have new stringers and used deck boards. Combo pallets look nice, and have a new pallet appearance. They are very economical and durable pallets. 

(8)  What's your favorite dish?

It's a Nepalese dish called “Momo”. It's like a dumpling, wrapped with meat.

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