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What is Guero Pallet's family doing during this Quarantine.

As we all know, the whole world is suffering from this unprecedented pandemic known as COVID-19. It has almost been a month since the Mayor of Chicago issued a “shelter in place” order. However in this difficult time, pallets continue to be an essential demand to keep shelves in grocery stores full, hospitals with necessary tools such as beds, masks, medication and testing equipment. We have kept up to date with the latest news and have taken every effort to follow safety measures against COVID-19. We are having our office staff work remotely from home and also reducing the number of employees per shift. We are available for all your pallet needs. While staying home, Guero Pallet's family is fully utilizing their free time.

Vice president Martha Razo goes fishing with her husband and son. She loves spending her free time with her loved ones. Besides that, she is also open to help high school and college students if they have any questions regarding math problems.

Warehouse manager Rafael Razo and Juan Razo are utilizing their free time working on fixing/modifying their cars. They have been able to follow their passion with automobiles.

Sagar Thapa is usually at home playing video games and listening to sports podcasts.

He is also learning about stocks and day trading in the meantime. 

So, don’t let this quarantine affect your mental or personal health. There are always new things to do and learn while social distancing. Once this is all and over, we will come back stronger than ever. Until then, stay safe and practice social distancing. Don't forget we are a call and text away from your next pallet order, reach us at 312-523-5561.

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