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Working with Guero's: Logistics

Updated: May 11, 2023

Guero's is a proud family-owned pallet manufacturing business. With over 25 years of experience, we have honed our skills to be the best pallet company out there! With our years of experience, we have excelled in numerous areas of the industry. One of those is logistics. Read below to learn how we excel in logistics and how this benefits you!

So why is that important?

Well at Guero pallets we want to give you the best pallet-buying experience possible—that's why we offer several ways of streamlining the logistics of buying and selling.

  1. We offer a free trailer drop-off when we deliver pallets to you! When it comes to trailers we will bring a trailer to you for pallet storage free of charge.

  2. We buy recycled and unused pallets via our Pallet Recycling Program. Guero’s Pallets is big on reducing waste so we pay you for recycling pallets with us.

  3. We make all our pallets in-house. We are the direct source that cuts costs by not having to go through a retailer.

  4. We have our own fleet of trucks which helps in saving money on transportation.

  5. We offer precise location updates for your pallet deliveries. Having our fleet of trucks allows us to know exactly where your load of pallets is at any given point.

  6. With fast and reliable tracking, we can now ensure your package arrives on time.

Guero Pallets is one of the best pallet companies based in Chicago. We are the experts that work to fulfill all your pallet needs.

Want to learn more about how we work? Check out some of our other blog posts.

you can also contact us at:

Phone: 312-523-5561

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