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Ordering pallets the right way

What do you need to know when ordering pallets? On the surface ordering pallets may not seem hard. People assume that all you need are the dimensions and number of pallets. But, if you have been in the industry for a while you know that there is a lot more to getting the perfect pallet.

Here at Guero's Pallets, we want customers to have the best pallet experience.

So, here are a few things you need to know when ordering pallets.


The first thing to remember when it comes to ordering pallets is having specific dimensions. This will be crucial on both the customer’s and the company's ends when determining cost, availability, time, transportation, and storage.


The second thing is the grade of the pallet. Often times people will forget to specify the grade of pallet needed. However, the grade is crucial for savings on your next pallet purchase. There are 3 main grades of pallets to choose from; New, Used, and combo.

New pallets are made with all fresh new lumber/ wood material. These tend to be the most expensive grade. Used pallets are pallets made of completely recycled material. They can be custom or already made. Combo pallets are pallets with both new and used wood. When buying combo pallets you get the cost savings of used wood with the sturdiness of new lumber.


Stringers are the 2x4 wood pieces sandwiched between the top and bottom deck boards.

When ordering, the customer needs to specify the amount desired. However, the number of stringers can determine both the strength and stability of the pallet. The more stringers a pallet has, the more expensive it becomes, but the sturdier it is. Furthermore, it is important to clarify to your pallet vendor the thickness of the stringer. Most pallets have 1 1/8" stringer thickness others have 1 3/4" stringer thickness. It is your choice but it is important you mention that when ordering wood pallets. The thicker the stringer the heavier duty the pallet will be.


The final basic for ordering pallets is selecting the number of top and bottom boards.

The more boards you add to the pallet the more expensive it will be. Most pallets have an average gap space of 3.5". If you want a heavy-duty pallet then you need a solid top pallet but of course, that will cost more.

Board thickness is another essential as it also helps to determine the overall strength and durability of a pallet. Most pallets have boards of 0.5" thickness. Make sure you mention the specific thickness requirement for the pallets you are ordering. Thicker boards will bring the cost up.

So when you order pallets, it is important to specify every detail. But, it’s not just up to the customer to ask for these details; these are things the pallet suppliers themselves should also mention. Attention to detail, no matter how small, can be the ultimate deciding factor for the quality and signifier of a great pallet company.

That’s why no one cares about the details the way Guero's pallets team does. If you’re looking to order from a company that does it right, then Guero's pallets team are the experts you want to talk to!

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