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5 Pieces of Advice for Buying Pallets!

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Due to Covid, there's been a shortage in pallets, and as we all know, the "busy season" is finally here. With everyone staying home still, delivery services are being used considerably more, and with the upcoming holidays, people will be buying things in bulk. That means pallets will be in high demand and low on stock.

In order to stay on top, we listed "5 Pieces of Advice for Buying Pallets!"

#1 Be Proactive

If you know you’ll need enough pallets for an extended amount of time, for instance, 2-5 months, talk to your supplier and book ahead of time. It’s better to have a guaranteed amount of pallet orders and be able to negotiate instead of being short-handed and scrambling to meet demands.

#2 Be Professional & Respectful

Sometimes it can be frustrating. You need your pallets & without them, production can be drastically slowed down. But, there are 2 sides to a transaction, and you are guaranteed to have a better time finding a solution by being reasonable and polite.

#3 Don’t switch over pricing

Don’t switch unless you have to. Especially if it’s about prices. It may be annoying that prices have been getting raised, but that isn’t a good reason to switch. Especially because everyone else is also being forced to raise their prices as well. The only real reason to switch is if your supplier is out of pallets and no deals/compromises can be made.

#4 Be Open to Partial Orders

Keep an open mind to partial loads. The standard amount for a full load is 520 pallets. But having an open mind will help with any situation that may arrive. Instead of getting 520, you can get 100, 200, or up. And sure while the amount you need is important, having 100 is better than having 0.

#5 Who to Work With

Finally, work with a friendly & solution-oriented pallet company. And if you don’t have one, then Guero Pallets is here to help!

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