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The Advantages of Working with Guero Pallets

We know that there are numerous pallet companies out there today. With this current recession, there have been extreme supply and demand issues. While some companies have had to cut corners, Guero Pallets remains consistent. Throughout it all, we have never sacrificed quality. We want to make sure that all of our current and future customers have the best pallet experience there is. With Over 16 years in the manufacturing business, a fast turnaround rate, and amazing deals on prices, Guero Pallets ensures that you will have top-quality pallets.

1) Experts with over 16 years of Experience

We at Guero Pallets have over 16 years of professional and personal experience in the pallet manufacturing business. We guarantee that's every step of the process you get a high-quality personal experience that allows you to get the best pallet you'll ever have. With our amazing staff and great prices, you won't want to order from anyone else.

2) We Build it Ourselves.

As a manufacturer, we take great pride in what we build. We make sure our pallets are of the best quality possible. By building in-house we can ensure that we develop your customized pallets to the exact measurements. But, if you aren't looking for custom and simply want a standardized pallet, we offer those as well. And while we offer new quality pallets, we are also big on recycling. Many of our pallets are reused.

3) Freight and Logistics

We understand that there is a lot that goes into running a business. One of those is ensuring you have exactly what you need on time. Guero Pallets handles the logistics when you order pallets from us. You will know in real-time exactly where your pallet delivery is at, with no need for a middleman.

4) 24-hour turnaround

We know not everyone has the perfect schedule. Sometimes a sudden need arises and you may not be able to find anyone to help you on such short notice. That's why we at Guero Pallets offer a fast turnaround. With our flexibility, we are able to deliver orders of nearly any size within 24 hours.

5) Free Plant visits.

Now, If you are unsure whether we can fulfill your needs we offer a free plant visit. Meet the people responsible for making and delivering your dream pallets on time. If you have a large order that you want to see, we give you the ability to check on the quality in person before you receive them.

We always want our customers to have a memorable experience with us. Whether you are a first-timer or a repeat customer, we promise to give you as pleasant of an experience as possible. No matter when you need it, Guero Pallets will always make sure that you receive precisely what you need.

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