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We Offer 48x40 6" GMA Pallets

The 48x40 accounts for approximately 30% of all wooden pallets produced each year.

This industry-standard quality wooden platform is ideal for the transport of goods in many industries including fast-moving consumer goods, beverages, produce, and other necessities.

The 48x40 is most often seen in Grocery and general warehouses. However, these pallets can also be used for transporting bigger projects such as automotive and industrial equipment.

As a pallet manufacturing company, Guero Pallets knows that 48×40 has a strong standing in the manufacturing business.

The 48x40 4-way GMA pallet is one of the best and most universal types for anyone to fall back on. At Guero Pallets we offer used, combo, and new 48x40 GMA pallet options. However, despite their wide use, we also know sometimes you need something a little different. That's why we offer more than just your standard 48 x40 4-way GMA pallets. If you are unsure of what type of pallet you need, Guero Pallets offers to visit your facility and help find exactly what you need.

No matter what type of pallet you're looking for, Guero Pallets will work with you to get what you need. To find out more,

  • Visit the order section on the website:

  • Call us at : (312) 523-5561

  • Email us at either: or

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